Podcast 10: Brown University Baseball Coach, Grant Achilles

March 19, 2019

Coach Ballgame goes down memory lane with the Head Baseball Coach of Brown University, Grant Achilles.  The two discuss the college recruiting process, as well as the day to day thought process of a college coach.  We also learn the reason behind Ballgame growing a huge mullet in college, and why he wore a camouflage onesie around campus. 

Podcast 9: Coach Ferber

March 11, 2019

Coach Jason Ferber is Coach Ballgame, but with a New York accent.  This NYC based coach has a passion for coaching that is undeniable.  In this interview, he and Ballgame discuss why getting to know each player is the most important part of coaching.  They also tap into the topics of how too much knowledge can become detrimental for a player, as well as why giving a player a nickname can change their life.  In the words of Coach Ferber, "Stay Crispy!" 

Podcast 8: Prospect Dugout Co-Founder, Joel Hartman

March 7, 2019

Long time travel ball coach and founder of the very popular "Prospect Dugout" Joel Hartman joins Ballgame to kick off a new series of interviews called THE COACHES OFFICE.  The two discuss the Pros and Cons of Travel Ball and ways to make it more productive.  They also "Geek Out" on coaching by touching on the topics of why yelling and shaming players doesn't work, and some misconceptions players and parents have about getting exposure from college and professional coaches. 

Podcast 7: Former Major League Pitcher and Coach, Mark Littell

March 1, 2019

Mark Littell is one of the most interesting men in the world.  He joins the podcast to share stories of his playing career (some of which may involve George Brett kicking a live alligator), the 3 books he has written, and how he invented the world's most protective cup.  Sit back and enjoy this wild ride from the man they called "Country."

Podcast 6: Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist Natasha Watley

February 18, 2019

Natasha Watley is one of the best Softball Players to have ever lived and/or breathed.  She joins Coach Ballgame to discuss a playing career that spanned 25 years.  She also discusses her mission of creating opportunities for girls in under-served communities to learn and play softball.  Atta Girl Tash!!!

Podcast 5: Olympic Gold Medalist Amanda Freed

February 14, 2019

Coach Ballgame welcomes the incredibly talented Amanda Freed Katchka.  This Softball legend is not only an Olympic Gold Medalist, but was just inducted into the UCLA Athletic Hall Of Fame.  The two discuss her playing career, and the amazing ways she is giving back to the next generation of Softball Players now. 

Podcast 4: CEO of the Pujols Family Foundation, Todd Perry

February 8, 2019

You think you know who Albert Pujols is?  You have no idea.  Coach welcomes Albert's best friend Todd Perry to discuss the amazing things Albert's foundation is doing for children with down syndrome, and the impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic. 

Podcast 3: Ballgame Gets Serious: Why are some kids quitting baseball?

February 2, 2019

Why are some children walking away from Little League Baseball?  In this Podcast, Coach Ballgame discusses his reasons for why some very young children are deciding NOT to play baseball, and what can be done to fix that.  Coach's friend, Kal Zora joins the show to share his 5 YEAR OLD son's story of falling in and then out of love for baseball because THE PRESSURE WAS TOO MUCH. 

Podcast 2: Former Major Leaguer Kerry Robinson

January 24, 2019

Coach Ballgame interviews former Major Leaguer and current scout for the St. Louis Cardinals, Kerry Robinson.  The two discuss his journey to the big leagues, the ups and downs of staying in pro baseball, and the impact he is making on young players lives in this next chapter of his life. 

Podcast 1: An Introduction To Coach Ballgame

January 16, 2019

Coach Ballgame interviews the President of Coolfire Studios, David Johnson. The two discuss an upcoming "Coach Ballgame" TV show, and some unconventional ways to coach kids in youth sports. This may or may not include Floss Dancing.